Pathways Program

Pathways Program

Carpentaria’s Pathways Program is an individual and outcomes-based approach to day program activities. Programs are tailored to individual interests and goals, and support ongoing learning and skill development opportunities across a wide range of activities.

Your choice

The Pathways Program allows participants to:

  • Choose what to do
  • Set and achieve individual goals
  • Transition from a school environment to adult life
  • Build and maintain current skills
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Maintain and develop meaningful relationships
  • Access a wide range of programs and life experiences
  • Explore individualised employment opportunities


Participants can choose a mix of programs to meet specific goals and interests.

Your pathway

Discovery Programs

Discover your pathway!

Centre and community based group programs, focused on engagement and skill development within the NDIS Outcomes Framework

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Navigate Programs

Navigate your pathway!

Centre and community based activities at a 1:1 ratio, informed by Allied Health recommendations and focused on job readiness and building independence

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Explorer Programs

Explore your pathway!

Centre based time limited short courses to trial new experiences and specific skills, aligned to NDIS goals

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This example highlights the many and varied options available through the Pathways Program:


We have developed a unique Goals Reporting Framework to ensure that individual goals inform each step of the program, culminating in the collation of goals over a 12 month period to support NDIS planning meetings.


We use the eight NDIS Outcome Domains to offer a broad range of activities across all aspects of an individual’s NDIS Plan and goals. Activities are informed by Allied Health recommendations and meet individual requirements.

Daily Living

Daily Living:

  • personal grooming
  • money management
  • life skills coaching




  • kitchen skills
  • building independence with daily tasks
  • gardening program

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing:

  • my healthy body
  • deep water swimming
  • yoga
  • creative dance

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning:

  • manual arts
  • IT and media program
  • allied health group therapy
  • bike riding safety



  • volunteering with community partners
  • gardening program
  • travel training

Social and Community Participation

Social and Community Participation:

  • return to country
  • music therapy
  • walkabout adventures
  • water aerobics



  • bowling
  • indoor sports team building activities
  • music my way
  • group activities with friends

Choice and Control

Choice and Control:

  • textiles
  • interactive computer games
  • sensory room and tools
  • aromatherapy



Pathways Program activities can be funded by NDIS plans, under:

  • Core – Social and Community Participation
  • Capacity Building – Social and Community Participation


Questions and next steps

Talk to us on 8920 9400 or to start building your individual pathway.

The Request for Service form for Carpentaria’s Pathways Program is available here.




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