Adult Day Service

Carpentaria’s Adult Day Service, Lifestyle Options, provides person-centred activities for adults with a disability to learn new skills, make friends and socialise. Activities are designed to enable participation in community life and the development of abilities within a broad range of life experiences. We support people aged 17 and above with high and low support needs and offer a variety of centre-based and community activities.

Lifestyle Options is friendly and accessible and we aim to equip participants with life long skills. We are responsive to the interests of participants whenever possible.

Lifestyle Options offers a person-centred service which:

  • Enables people to enjoy their involvement in their chosen forms of recreation
  • Develops new skills and abilities, leading to increased self esteem and employment opportunities
  • Encourages participation in determining own needs and organising own activities
  • Promotes the philosophies of integration and meaningful social connections
  • Breaks down barriers by educating the broader community of the potential and achievement of people with disabilities
  • Encourages strong social networks and friendships
  • Provides meaningful participation in recreational activities which can lead to a happier and healthier life

Carpentaria is a registered NDIS provider for Adult Day Services. Further details about the NDIS is available here.

The Request for Service form for Carpentaria’s Adult Day Service is available here or contact us for further details.