Adult Day Program

Carpentaria’s Adult Day Program provides person-centred activities for adults with a disability, to enable participation in community life and skill development within a broad range of life experiences.

Day Program and Post School activities are friendly and accessible, with a focus on lifelong learning and skill development, as well as social and community engagement. We support people aged 17 years and over and offer a range of centre-based and community activities.

The program is friendly and accessible, with activities tailored to individual interests and goals.

The program offers:

  • Tailored programs to meet individual goals and interests
  • Activities developed and delivered by Allied Health professionals
  • Preparation for future employment, volunteerism and higher education
  • Meaningful and enjoyable participation in both recreational and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Social and community connection and engagement
  • The opportunity to build individual capacity to make choices and increase independence

The Request for Service form for Carpentaria’s Adult Day Program is available here. Contact us for further details and to discuss your individual program.