Allied Health therapist assists a client with hand exercises

Adult Allied Health Team

Carpentaria’s Adult Allied Health Team includes professionals from a range of disciplines, including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Social Work. The team focuses on positive behaviour, communication requirements and social engagement, with tailored programs for each individual.

Carpentaria is a registered NDIS provider for Adult Allied Health Team services. Further details about the NDIS is available here.

Occupational Therapist

Some of the functions performed by Carpentaria’s Adult Occupational Therapist include:

  • Assessment, treatment and education in all areas of daily life, considering the ‘whole person’
  • Disability equipment, for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc
  • Home modifications such as grab rails, doorways, access, lighting and wet areas
  • Safe movement of clients, to benefit clients and staff
  • Practice of daily activities such as personal care, cooking and community access
  • Cognitive reviews relating to decision making, safety and functional activities
  • Falls prevention education and monitoring
  • Supporting staff to follow recommended client exercise and stretching programs
  • Referrals to other allied health and medical services
  • Recommendations to improve quality of life of clients

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists work with people across the lifespan. They provide assessment, diagnosis and intervention(s) for people with speech, language and communication needs. Speech pathologists work with a range of people who experience difficulty communicating because of brain injuries, learning disability, intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, hearing loss and other problems that can affect how a person communicates.

Speech Pathologists work within community based teams to help carers and clients to develop and maintain:

  • Communication friendly environments (making communication as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible)
  • Communication friendly spaces (comfortable and easily accessible places to talk)
  • Language rich environments
  • Specific tools and strategies to support and facilitate communicative interactions

Social Worker

Social Workers work with individuals, families, groups and communities in the context of their physical, social and cultural environments, their past and current experiences, and their cultural and belief systems. Social Workers maintain a dual focus assisting with, and improving human wellbeing and identifying and addressing any external issues that may impact on wellbeing, or may create inequality, injustice and discrimination. Consistent to all social work practice is a commitment to human rights and social justice.

Adult Education & Communications

The Adult Education and Communication Facilitator supports clients with a variety of alternative communications, including:

  • Communication boards
  • Compics as an exchange in communications
  • Inclusive learning tools to support non-verbal and verbal clients

They provide training to support workers in sign language and the use of IT programs to support augmentative communication, by manipulating board maker programs to increase knowledge in specific areas of communication. Compics assist with daily routines, including outings, social stories and inclusiveness in the community, daily menu prompts and grooming prompts.

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